QUARTER OF A CENTURY! – by Pastor John Mazza

It was somewhere in the first few months of 1990 when Pastor Ray Dubois got some of his workers together and shared an idea.  That idea was to invite some other church youth groups of like beliefs and like faith to be a part of a week-long youth camp. We could have a morning “teaching” service and an evening “Holy Spirit lead” service. During the afternoon we could divide up youth groups and put them on different teams together so they can meet new friends but have the youth groups sit together at the services to keep the unity within the youth groups. We will find a facility that could provide meals and lodging for them and a place for them to have fun and just be a teenager. Then in June of 1990, 5 different church youth groups, totaling 55 people…Camp Decision was born. It didn’t have a theme the first year, nor did it have Air Conditioning! Lol  I remember there were just 2 dorms; 1 girls dorm and 1 guys dorm, we had a few ladies from our home church doing the cooking for the camp within the facility’s kitchen. My, my, have we come a long way from those days. Next year Camp Decision celebrates “Transforming” lives for 25 years with Camp Decision 2015 TRANSFORMED! What year or years have you attended Camp Decision? Do you remember what the theme was the years you attended Camp Decision?

Camp DecisionQUARTER OF A CENTURY! – by Pastor John Mazza

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  1. Brad Losh

    wow, I can’t believe it’s been 25 years of Camp! My first camp was in 1992 at Fruitland Park and we had the privilege of working with Pastor Ray, Pastor John, Pastor Kathy, and others from 1992 – 1994. Not only was it an eye-opening experience to the greatness of God but it began a foundation that I rest upon today! I realized at those first camps that God had called me, and I just had to serve Him!

    Thank-you Decision Ministries for answering the Call!

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