IT’S A WRAP! – by Pastor John Mazza

How many of you love those Cesar Salad Chicken Wraps from Chick-Fil-A? Humm-Humm so good! But this blog isn’t about that wrap, it’s about “Wrapping-up” Camp Decision 2014 EXISTENCE! What an amazing year! Seriously there were hundreds and hundreds of teenagers who made a decision for Christ and received the baptism of the Holy Ghost.  Teenagers and adults were healed physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Youth Groups were unified in a greater and stronger way when they left Camp Decision. The incredible team of ministers this year really stepped it up a notch in so many different ways.  It was great to join forces (so to speak) with Pastor Daniel Eric Groves, Pastor David Vasquez, Pastor Cathy Mazza and Christian Comedian Bob Smiley. There were tons of memorable “Camp Decision Moments” that took place all week long? I have several but I will share one with you and give you an exclusive behind the scenes look; The Wednesday Morning when my wife, Pastor Cathy Mazza ministered. Months prior to CD14 when I was planning out the schedule of speakers and when they would be speaking during the week, I could not settle on the Wednesday morning service within my heart. Only when I placed Pastor Cathy in that time slot where an overwhelming peace would take place. At the same time, putting one of the most impactful speakers of the past few years on a morning service that had a time constraint to it, didn’t make sense in my head. The bible says to “follow after peace” so I left Pastor Cathy ministering at the Wednesday Morning service. Well those that attended Camp Decision know, that Wednesday morning service will go down as one of the most memorable morning Camp Decision services in recent years. WHO KNEW? Who knew that the Stetson Lockdown Alarm would sound right at the end of Pastor Cathy’s message???  I’ll tell you who…GOD KNEW! God knew months ago when praying out that speaker schedule that the Lockdown Alarm would go off and it would allow for Pastor Cathy and myself to flow easily together the way we do when we minister together. God knew what was needed for that moment at Camp Decision and that Pastor Cathy and myself would be comfortable enough to flow together on the spot where so many miracles took place in the youth groups that morning. God’s pretty Amazing!!! What was one of your “Camp Decision Moments” from this year?

Camp DecisionIT’S A WRAP! – by Pastor John Mazza

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