Get Out of the Funk! – by Camp Decision 2014/2015 Guest Speaker Pastor Cathy Mazza

November is here!  Do you ever feel like Bill Murray in the 1993 movie entitled “Ground Hog Day”?  Repeating the same day over and over again?  This can make you & I become too comfortable with our Christian walk. We feel like we’ve got this Christian stuff down pretty good. We might fall into the trap of feeling like we have it all figured out, or even worse, we really don’t care.

I would like to challenge you …. When you no longer need a Savior, you are in serious trouble.

The Bible tells us that deception is subtle. It sneaks into our lives just like that serpent slithered into the Garden of Eden. It tells us that we are doing fine on our own, that we finally have a handle on life, that is when we stop doing what we know is right and start to do what is the acceptable! “Preach sista!!!”

Get out a piece of paper or your cell phone…..

List #1 Get ready to make a list of THINGS THAT ARE WRONG with your life: every setback, shattered dream, unfulfilled desire, wrecked friendship and disappointment.

List # 2 Make a list of everything good and wonderful about your life.

Can’t think of ANYTHING? On List # 2, start with the fact that you were at CD 2014…and that you are breathing.

I want to blog about “decisions”; whether these decisions have been made by you or by those around you that you love, all decisions have an effect on our lives.

Sometimes these decisions can make us happy, or absolutely miserable! 

What is a definition of depression?  

What makes us depressed?  

Argument with parents, final exams, breakup of guy/girl relationship or friendship, family conflict, self body image….

Did you know that there are four basic types of Depression; I believe that there are two types that usually affect a person.

Situational Depression 

Spiritual Depression 

I would to point out that these usually do not need to be treated with medication.  

Depression is a state of existence marked by a sense of being pressed down, weighed down, or burdened, which affects a person physically, mentally, spiritually, and relationally.

I want to give you a common definition of depression – Feelings of pain, drained and discouraged, helpless, empty, dejected, anxious, fearful, guilty, ashamed, needing to hide, exhausted, immersed in and smothered by darkness, weak, feeling like a failure, isolated, lonely, overwhelmed, stuck, confused, torn, desperate, immobilized, having lost a sense of normalcy.

Most people that feel like this will sleep a lot, have loss of appetite, and quit things that would usually be important to them like sports or school, feel like they would be better off with no contact with friends…

Listen to this…

Situational Depression – Is when there is no chemical proof that you feel the way you feel, but that you have thought for so long that there is no way out of this that you live out what you are feeling.

Spiritual Depression – can be classified when main issues with faith, and trust in God are questioned, not feeling like you are experiencing His grace and not forgiving others.

My personal definition of depression is getting caught in a funk that you desperately want to get out of but do not know how to.  

Back to the list – 

Problems will arise if List #1 of trouble is the only one you ever consult. Sometimes we tend to dwell so much on the disappointment that results from the first list that we never give much thought to the second list of happiness.

Sure, life can be disappointing, sad, and depressing at times. And yes people, parents, loved ones don’t always make the best decisions…. But why let that ruin your life too?

I do not want to make light of the situation that you are going through…

Have you ever thought about the difference between existence and living? Existence means to just to survive.  I know there have been times when I felt like I was really only existing, surviving, and staying on top of what is happening in my life…..

You see, apart from the cross, there is no life. Without grace, there is no life. Without a desperate need for Jesus, there is no real life. So if you are dealing with these heavy things in your life…. That is OK, you are normal!  

The trick is simply shifting your mental emphasis from List #1 to List #2. Start living the life of an overcomer….  No I do not know all the details of what is happening in your life – BUT MY GOD DOES! It’s just not that easy Pastor Cathy!

Taking refuge in the love of the Lord is a wonderful benefit of our relationship with Him. So many times when I find tasks before me that I can’t possibly imagine accomplishing, I return to the fact that God loves me.

I run to that refuge and cry out to the Lord for help. The stacks of papers are still on the desk, the calendar is still overbooked, the phone is still ringing off the hook and someone may even be pounding on my door; but in the midst of that storm, when everyone seems to want something from me, I find he wants to give me something: assurance, hope, peace and love.

God is active in your life. You can never remotely comprehend how much he cares about you. His presence in your life should come through loud and clear on List #2. But the devil and your mind wants to find comfort in List #1.

Depression can get a hold on us, but we do not have to keep it. I’m calling you to “Get Out of Your Funk”. What are you going to do NOW that you KNOW you do not have to be discouraged, or depressed?

 – by Camp Decision 2014/2015 Guest Speaker Pastor Cathy Mazza

Youth & Family Pastor at Family Worship Center Port Orange. 

Camp DecisionGet Out of the Funk! – by Camp Decision 2014/2015 Guest Speaker Pastor Cathy Mazza

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