BACK TO THE FUTURE! – by Pastor John Mazza

There have been over 25, 000 who have been through the doors of Camp Decision over the past 24 years.  I remember singing on stage at Camp Decision 1993 at the North Greenville College in Tigerville, South Carolina.  I was on my knees in one of those powerful Camp Decision Moments at an evening service. I was a youth worker in my home church, singing on our church worship team every week, being faithful wherever I could at my home church and I was seeking God for direction for my life.  I knew I had a call to the ministry, I had been prophesied over and over again about making a difference in young people’s lives the states of the country and around the world…but how do I get there? Where do  go? What do I do more? We’ve all have had similar questions or will have similar questions bombard your mind.  At Camp Decision 1993 “FREE IN 93” (back then the theme’s rhymed with the year…such a 90’s thing!! lol) that Wednesday night, God confirmed things within my heart and gave me the next steps to walk out His plan for my life. I attended Camp Decision as a youth worker, and now I’ve been youth pastoring for over 16 years.

How about you?  Many of you have attended as youth for years and have returned as a worker. Many over the years have attended Camp Decision as a worker and have returned as a youth pastor.  Many others have attended as a youth or youth worker or even a youth pastor and has had their youth group return as they are the senior pastor. Maybe you’ve been a youth or a worker and now you’re a missionary, music minister, part of the pastoral staff at the church, or even start your own ministry. Tell us what you attended as while you attended Camp Decision and where you are in ministry now…Tell us your story and go BACK TO THE FUTURE!

Camp DecisionBACK TO THE FUTURE! – by Pastor John Mazza

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